Ropework & Climbing – Overview


Paul Teasdale has a keen interest in mountaineering, climbing, canyoneering and high angle rescue. Although he would describe himself as more of a “rigger” than a climber, Paul finds great inspiration in bouldering and sport climbing. Paul trained extensively under the supervision of a 25 year veteren of the French Alps and since then has acquired much “site specific” experience in the Zimbabwean out doors.


In the past 2 years Paul has been a proud part of the Bear Grylls Survival Academy Team as the primary Rope Work Instructor and saftey auditor for the Zimbabwe based academy. For this position he was thorougly vetted by the Bear Grylls British Team before being awarded the position.

He is also regularly contracted for his Rope work with Quest Africa Esigodini, a gap year program designed to equip school leavers between 18 and 21 years old with Life skills through outdoor activities.

Recently Paul’s skills have crossed over into the film industry where he was contracted by The Amazing Race reality Tv show to design and implement a challenge. This can be seen on Season 27 Episode 5 of the original American version.

Paul has also been called on to do mountain search and rescue from time to time but this is not his specialist field.

See more of Paul’s Climbing and Ropework Adventures Here !



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