Stand Up 4 Rhinos

StandUp4Rhinos is a project by a group of adventure sports athletes with the specific goal to raise desperately needed funding for the rescue and care of orphaned baby rhinos in South Africa.
The challenge is to complete the first descent of the huge whitewater rapids of the mighty Zambezi River on stand-up paddleboards. This has never been attempted!

Many people out there are aware of the horrors of the current rhino poaching scourge and wonder what they can do to help. Well here’s a way that EVERYONE can do something to help. Follow the links to our fund raising site, open your hearts, open your wallets and donate! 100% (yes one hundred percent) of the funds raised will go directly to our chosen beneficiary: Care for Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary NPC.
It’s a fact, rhinos are being killed at a rate faster than the population can breed so numbers are plummeting and this means every survivor counts and every baby counts. This makes the work of Care for Wild critically important as these orphans don’t stand a chance if left to fend for themselves in the bush.
We’ve decided to take a stand and we believe every single one of us needs to #standup4rhinos


You can also go directly to our crowd funding page to donate  directly to the cause here…..



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