Packing for Canyoning Expedition – Gear for 1 day Mission

Today I thought I would make a little video about what I include when packing for a canyoning expedtion. More specifically what I take a on a single day canyoning mission for a specific canyon that links up with the Batoka Gorge and the Zambezi River.

In the video I cover the following topics :

  • Hardware – Ropes, Descenders, Ascenders, Self rescue equipment

  • Soft Gear – Helmet, PFD, Dry Bags

  • Emergency Gear – First Aid, Self rescue and emergency overnight gear


Take a look at the video below to see …



Please note that this video contains info specific to this area and is not in any way an instructional video but rather just shows what I personally like to take with me. Your environment and requirements are likely to require their own unique techniques and equipment and you should consult an expert in your area before committing to a canyoning descent.