“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams”

Paul Teasdale Capri Island Italy


Paul Teasdale is one of those rare individuals, that has learned from a relatively young age that if you give it your all everything is possible. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent when we put aside our family & cultural conditioning. To him “talent” is just a bi-product .

Paul is a strong advocate of a healthy clean sustainable lifestyle for all, and is an inspirational role model not only for the younger generation but for the older generation as well. What does living RAW mean to Paul?


They are just tools we use to conquer ourselves, that’s what living RAW is about,

Facing our vulnerabilities,

Exploring the depths of our being,

Coming face to face with our demons,

Finding our Centre, & expressing it all without compromise.

The ADRENALINE, that just wakes you up, and everything gets real fast.”


These are elements that are a part of all of us, what separates Paul from most of us is that he connects with them deeply on all levels. His zest for life, his constant exploration of the unknown, and his passion for expressing & sharing this through such a varied range of modalities from the arts to the sciences, are inspiring. His enquiring mind may come across as arrogant to some, but this is far from the truth. Paul is humble enough to admit he may be wrong, and often changes direction with an even greater purpose.

When faced with a challenge his “out of the box” thinking is truly visionary. Every person he meets is another opportunity to learn from, and one step closer to the sustainable world he yearns for.

– Wayne Jones

Paul Teasdale - Proudly Zimbabwean

Paul grew up in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and attended Carmel Primary School.

His high school years were spent at Christain Brothers College and it was here that he first realised that he didn’t quite fit the mould.

At the age of 17 he left school with no qualifications and moved to Switzerland to realise his dreams of becoming a snowboarding instructor. After 1 season he moved to London where he did odd jobs for a year before returning to Zimbabwe.

At the age of 18, having realised it is tough in the real world, Paul started working for the family Cosmetic Manufacturing Business. Whilst working there he finished his highschool studies and went on to do a Diploma in Cosmetic Science. He is now the Managing Director of Teasdale Laboratories and is responsible for the development and refinement of most of the cosmetic formulations that are used there to date.

Paul is a “Science Geek” at heart. His interests lie greatly in sustainable living and in trying to find ways to help humans live more responsibly on our planet. This has led him to creating some of the business ventures that he is currently involved in.

From a health and fitness point of view, Paul firmly believes in clean living and keeping fit. He is an avid climber, whitewater kayaker, paraglider, hiker, Mountain Biker and all round adventure sports enthusiast. This passion for adventure is his inspiration for creating RAW Adrenaline


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