RAW Adrenaline

RAW stands for ROCK – AIR – Water

These are the tools we use to conquer ourselves. This is what Livin’ RAW is about. Facing our vulnerabilities, exploring the depths of our being. Coming face to face with our fears and dreams. Finding our centre and expressing it without compromise. The Adrenaline is there just to wake us up and everything gets real………..FAST ! This is RAW !

RAW Adrenaline is a lifestyle brand that places a focus on people’s passion for adventure. We believe that the only way to succeed is to help others succeed.
RAW is a community of passionate individuals that live life to the fullest through adventure sports and the ethos of Livin’ RAW. More than that RAW is a family represented by extraordinary individuals that have been hand picked to bear the title of RAWHero. These individuals express what it means to follow your dreams and live life to the fullest. They are true ambassadors to their craft and we are proud of every one of them.

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” – Napolean Hill

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Paul Teasdale Kaituna Launch

New Zealand Kayaking – Kaituna River

“All was going well until I reached the lip of Tutea falls and as I took my boof stroke………NOTHING ! ...
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Paul Teasdale Victoria Falls

Adrenaline Junkie or Adventure Sports Athlete ?

Here is an article I wrote for RAW Adrenaline that looks into the difference between being an adventure sports athlete ...
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My Zambezi

My 2015 season highlight reel from the Mighty Zambezi ! Abseiling the Devil’s Cataract of Victoria Falls, Kayaking, Helicopter flights ...
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