Fire Performance


Paul first learn’t about fire performance when he was 20 years old. He was at his friend Dylan’s 30th Birthday party when Dylan came out of the house carrying a strange stick that he proceeded to set on fire and twirl around with great dexterity. Paul was immediately fascinated and took home the Fire Staff that same day and began to practice. Fire performing equipment is very difficult to come by and for the first couple of years Paul made his own DIY equipment and did many shows in his hometown of Bulawayo alongside Dylan and their other friend and performer Zuga. When Paul turned 22 his good friend Joey gave him his first “real” set of proper fire poi which Paul still uses now.

Over the years Paul’s Fire Performance has evolved from basic Staff spinning and now includes Poi, Rope Poi and Fire Breathing. You can see more of Paul’s Fire Performances below……

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Earth Cafe Fire Performance - Paul Teasdale and Natalie Stewart

Earth Cafe Fire Performance – I was literally on fire

I had the great opportunity to perform alongside my good old friend Natalie Stewart of Afrodizzyacts at Earth Cafe. We ...
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